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Visual Webcaster

Control and manage your Webcast with the following options

Visual Webcaster
  • Presenter: Upload or edit the images of the individuals who will be presenting during your event.
  • Slides: Upload your Power Point slide presentation(s) that will be shown during the webcast.
  • URL’s: Create or edit pre-defined URLs to use in your presentation.
  • Poll: Set up an unlimited amount of polling questions to pose to your audience during the event.
  • Materials: Upload the materials and documentation that you want your audience to be able to download during the event.
  • Indexing: Create your indexing for the presentation slides for your on demand event.
  • Control Room: Control the visual and interactive features during the course of the actual event through this option. From the Control Room you will have access to everything that will be used during your live webcast such as: slide presentation(s), the image of the presenter(s) that will be shown on the Media Player, polling questions that will be asked during the course of the event, and questions that are received from the audience. 


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